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style rookie: a few observations.

Texto revoltado da Tavi sobre as fotos do Terry Richardson. Muitíssimo engraçado!

Por causa daquele problema com o Google (falado no post anterior), ela colocou a foto com os cachorrinhos… Espertinha, né? Aí vocês têm que clicar sobre as palavras em azul pra conseguir ver as fotos que acompanham o texto.

Ok, ela tem razão nas suas opiniões, mas eu continuo amando o Terry. Acho que ele é só maluco mesmo…

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Acabei de ler um texto super bacana no style.com. Eles fizeram uma linha do tempo sobre a revolução dos blogs. Aí vão meus preferidos:


great moments in fashion blogging history


“Circa spring 2007, there was only one URL on people’s minds, or in their bookmarks. Socialite Rank was snide, addictive, and anonymous—a perfect page-view formula if ever there was one. A year after its inception, SR’s authors had yet to be unveiled, Tinsley Mortimer was sitting pretty in the number one spot, and everything was swell on virtual Park Avenue. All of that changed when Olivia Palermo, a New School ingenue (or upstart, depending on your seat), penned a heartfelt plea for acceptance to her surrogate big sisters on the social scene. Or did she? SR published the letter, and Palermo, claiming identity theft, hired a lawyer. (If this was all before your time, trust us, it was awesome.) A New Yorkmagazine cover story followed, in which the bloggers—Russian stepsiblings Olga and Valentine Rei—stepped forward. The site went blank and the social set was bereft, but not for long.”

Estão vendo? Todo mundo tem um passado negro; até a Olivia Palermo…

2 An Ostrich Bag for Your Troubles
“All he wanted was a Gay Bloggy.
Bryanboy filmed his now epic Marc Jacobs homage (Faggotry in Motion #21) as part of a 2007 competition sponsored by Gaybloggies.com. Bryanboy got fourth place, but that was nothing compared to the response from Jacobs himself. The designer named a handbag (the BB) after the besotted young man, sent him one, and dispatched then-boyfriend Jason Preston to leave a gushing voicemail. A front-row seat at Jacobs’ show followed, but we have a feeling the bag moment will outshine all other youthful career highs. As Bryanboy posted on his blog, “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Until, that is, earlier this year, when he tweeted that he hoped Dolce & Gabbana would lend him a fur coat, and they went ahead and gave him one.”

Já pensou ter uma bolsa Marc Jacobs com as suas iniciais?? Acho que até passaria minha vontade de ter uma Birkin…

“How do you know you’ve really made it? You get a shout-out from the arbiter of taste himself,
Kanye West. Last March, the fashion-loving rap star sent Sea of Shoes Jane Aldridge an e-mail professing his admiration for her work, along with a picture of her blog reflected in his sunglasses. Kanye blogged about Jane, Jane blogged about Kanye blogging about Jane, and the circle was complete.”

Essa foto tá o máximo, né?!

E Ju, Gi, será que um dia a gente chega lá??

E agora, na minha opinião, a melhor de todas!

4 The End of the World (or at Least the Seating Chart) as We Know It
“Last September, the delicate microcosm that is a fashion show imploded. Formerly front-row guests found themselves shuffled to row two (or worse), while heretofore uninvited attendees (read: bloggers) claimed the ringside seats. The inevitable backlash came when Tavi wore a gallon-sized bow hat in the front row of the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in January. The chapeau in question (a personal gift from Stephen Jones, naturally) and the resulting disgruntlement elicited this response on Tavi’s
Style Rookie blog: “Dudes, it is a HAT. And I’m SHORT. So watching the show behind me would be like watching it through a regular-sized adult, but better, because adult heads do not have holes in them.” Point taken.”

Os editores de moda ficaram revoltados com essa história… Como assim os bloggers recebendo mais destaque e mimos do que eles???

E esse chapéu da Tavi é demais…

Ela é tão influente, que sempre vire notícia:

Girl, Interrupted

“Google swears it was a mistake, but Tavi went ahead and took down the nude photo of Maggie Rizer that may have led to her site’s temporary disappearance on April 26. “(Photo removed as it violated Blogger’s “Terms of Service” [adult content! Racy!] so uh oops.),” she wrote in lieu of the picture. The Wall Street Journaland the Huffington Post, among others, spilled ink, er, bytes, over the momentary shutdown (which coincided with the blogger’s 14th birthday). And in an act of solidarity, Bryanboy launched a “Free Tavi!” Twitter campaign. Before her site went back online, the WSJ asked Tavi whether she’d received any word from Google copping to its mistake. She had not, she said, but added that she hadn’t checked her e-mail in a while. “I can’t do it now,” she said, “cuz my dad’s on the computer.”

Isn’t she lovely??

E pra quem quiser ler o texto na integra, http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/stylenotes/052010_Fashion_Blog_Landmarks/?mbid=sn

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